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Community Search

When a loved one or community member goes missing often we receive requests for how the community can help. We wanted to prepare this resource page to help our community partners engage and help us with as a force multiplier.

  • Look at non conventional places - behind dumpsters, garbage cans, under cars, shrubs, hedges, bushes, small crawl spaces
  • Check your house and property in detail, check in nooks and crannies for where someone could fit. Check to see if your doors were unlocked and check inside if they were
  • Check crowds and places where a person might be - often someone can be missing (and not knowing they are missing) and have hundreds of people pass by.

Logging / Tracking

For some searches we (working with our policing partners) will post a public map and the instructions to contribute to it. We generally will post on our social media platforms when this happens, please monitor them for things.