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SafetyNet Tracking

Proven technology to help protect and locate individuals with cognitive conditions such as autism and dementia.

Marine Unit

Our Marine Team consists of dedicated volunteers who undergo extensive training to conduct search and rescue missions on water. They are equipped with vessels and certified to operate them safely.

Rope Rescue

The team is made up entirely of volunteers who dedicate considerable time and effort to being well trained and equipped to perform rescue missions in our communities. Our Rope Rescue Team is a critical component of emergency response to subject access and extraction from forested and mountainous green space parks and wood lands. Rope Rescue Technicians Our specially trained technicians are taught how to operate safely in the high risk environment of rope rescue.

Swiftwater & Flood Response

Our volunteer Swiftwater Rescue Team is highly trained to perform rescue missions in and around moving water, emphasizing the importance of safety and proper training when dealing with hazardous water environments and flood conditions.