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SafetyNet Tracking

What is SafetyNet Tracking?

SafetyNet is a program that uses proven technology to help protect and locate individuals with cognitive conditions such as autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome and Traumatic Brain Injuries who are prone to wander and become lost. The program allows specially trained and equipped agencies the ability to locate and bring these people home quickly and safely

How it works

A protected person would wear a SafetyNet bracelet at all times. The bracelet features a radio frequency transmitter that emits a continuous signal.

  • They would wear a SafetyNet bracelet at all times. The bracelet features a Radio Frequency transmitter that emits a continuous signal.
  • As soon as the person is discovered missing, 911 and SafetyNet must be notified immediately.
  • Trained search and rescue teams track the signal being emitted from the SafetyNet bracelet.
  • Once public safety searchers locate the missing person, they can return them home safely.

With SafetyNet Tracking a search that might have taken hours or days can be successfully completed in many cases in under one hour.

Proven Technology

Radio Frequency (RF) technology can work in densely wooded areas, buildings and shallow water, even when GPS and cellular technology cannot. The battery in the unit lasts 6 months.

Comprehensive Support Systems

The SafetyNet service includes a secure database of key client information to assist in search and rescue operations as well as 24/7 customer support

Success Stories

Since it’s inception, SafetyNet has had hundreds of successful searches in numerous states for missing people with cognitive conditions. We are now bringing this lifesaving technology to Canada.

How to sign up

Contact our client management partners APREP at or phone 604-503-5671

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